*Witchy* Crafts

Below are favorite crafts sent in by members or found via friends, egroups or personal collections. Should you know the source of these crafts please contact us for removal or proper credit.

Acid Etched Chalice
Aromatherapy Modeling Dough
Aromatic Cinnamon Charms

Beaded Socks for Girls
Black Scrying Mirror

Candle Plates
Cauldron Candles
Chunk Candles
Cinnamon Box
Cinnamon Clay
Cinnamon Pot Mats
Clothes Dryer Fragrance Pads
Container Candles
Crocheted Stars

Decorative Fire Starters
Dream and Eye Pillows

Etched Flower Vase
Evergreen Pentacle

Faery Dream Pillow
"Feel Better" Bag
Fire and Ice Centerpiece
Flower Rolled Candles
Fragrant Rocks
Frosted Ornaments

Goddess Lamp Finials

Hand Dipped Candles
Harvest Candles
How to Make a Clay Pentacle

Ivy Twined Flowerpots

Layered Candles
Lavender Dryer Bag
Lavender Spice Pentacles
Leaf Print Pots

Magickal Scented Pinecones
Make Your Own Marbelized Spell Paper
Make your own Besom
Making your own Pentacle Altar Tile
Making an Old Man Winter

Offering Dish
Oil Pastel Crayons
Orange Candle Holders
Organic Dyes

Papier-Mache Altar Bowls
Papier-Mache Paste Recipe
Pebbled Candles
Pentacle Spell Wreath
Pressed Herb and Flower Candle
Pumpkin Candleholders

Recycled Can Luminaries

Scented Hot Pad
Scented Pinecones
Snow Candles
Soap Crayons for the Bath
Spiced Hot Pad
Sweet Bags

Three Knot Goddess Bracelet

Wheel of the Year Candle
Whipped Candles
Winter Wool Snowflakes

Zaftig Fairy