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Herbs for Home Cleansing

  • Anise-purification
  • Burdock-purification, wards off negativity
  • Cinquefoil-purification, protection
  • Clove-purification, ward off negativity
  • Dragon's Blood-protection
  • Frankincense-protection
  • Hyssop-protection, warding off negativity
  • Lavender-purification
  • Marjoram-protection
  • Myrrh-wards off negativity, purification
  • Parsley-purification, protection
  • Pine-cleansing, purification
  • Rosemary-purification, protection, warding off negativity
  • Sage-protection
  • Sandalwood-wards off negativity, protection
  • St. John's Wort-ward off negativity
  • Sweet Grass-purification
  • Thyme-purification, warding off negativity
  • Vervain-purification

    Oils, plants,etc...

  • Aloe Vera-wards negativity
  • Garlic-purification, protection
  • Hops-purification, protection
  • Orange-purification

Brooms for Purification

1 tree branch, about 1ft long & up to 1in in diameter-please use a fallen tree branch.
Fresh bunches of herbs with cleansing & purifying properties-see list this page. One type is sufficient but you can mix & match.

Tie bunches to the end of the branch, securing with raffia. To do this start by tying one end of raffia to the end of the branch and then adding herb bunched while wrapping raffia around tree branch. knot and secure ends and tuck away. Add herbs to obtain desired fullness of broom. Once completed you can sprinkle end with water (from a bowl of charged water)and "sweep" the negativity out of the room. For those new to this: empower broom as you are making it-you can state its future purpose-"I wrap, tie, make in purification"-whatever is right for you and then moving clockwise through the house, room; sweep the air above the floor picturing the negativity leaving your room ending at the door. Let the broom sit outside the door for several minutes and then disassemble the broom and either burn or bury it.

These brooms can be made at each New Moon for regular purification.

submitted by Maya EagleWoman

Please take the time to visit this site, she has wonderful info and ideas! (link at the bottom of article)

*Spiritual Cleansing*

I normally like to be sure my surroundings are clean. Meaning that the floor is freshly swept and nothing is cluttered about. My house keeper generally keeps the place up but I like to just go through and sweep the floor myself- I just feel better that way. Even if you know your house is clean, you might feel the need to go through and quickly sweep just before you begin. I then will smudge the room (I burn purifying incense and walk around the room with it while visualizing it dispelling negativity). Not necessary, just part of my ritual. Next, I like to sit on the floor and take some slow, deep breaths to relax. I close my eyes and begin to visualize a ball of golden light above my head. This light is representative of the spirit of the god and goddess, and also of my higher self. I visualize this light hovering above me and then slowly lowering and enveloping my body. I visualize it lowering to my feet and then back up above my head. I then visualize it lowering again, and this time I say in my mind, "I am cleansed of all negativity, negativity is washed away." When it is finished, I imagine the light remains above me. I then move on to whatever I have planned- my meditation, prayer, ritual, bedtime, whatever it may be.

This is a fairly simple ritual. When I say "ritual," I just mean "a customarily repeated act used to gain a certain state of mind" The word ritual does not have to describe a "religious" rite of some kind. This spiritual cleansing is also something that is not necessary for you to perform, but it's a nice way to feel in touch with your higher self and also with your deity, and a good way to rid yourself of negativity and feel refreshed.


Purification Potpourri

6Tb peppermint
1Tb dried lemon peel
1Tb dried lime peel
1Tb rosemary
1Tb spearmint

Mix into water, charge and let simmer in a simmering potpourri crock or in a small saucepan on the stove, be sure to have a window, door, etc open at least a little to offer an escape route for negativity. As with anything, use with caution and do not leave unattended.