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The Herbal

" sure to plant, care for & harvest all your herbs - whether they are grown for magickal purposes or strictly for culinary use - in accordance with the simple rules of the old pagan tradition of gardening by the signs of phases of the moon. Lunar gardening is by no means foolish superstition or old wives' tales. I firmly believe in the positive & negative influences that the moon exerts over all plants, as well as all other living things. Having found greater gardening success by working in harmony with the lunar cycles instead of working against them, I can personally attest to the validity of agriculture tradition that pagan country folk have known for centuries..." -Gerina Dunwich

Oak and Pineapple Sage for Hospitality
Pine for Warm Friendship
Comfrey for Home Sweet Home
Wheat for Friendliness
Willow for Friendship
Juniper to Welcome

Remedies for Cold & Flu
Herbs for Purification

Herbs for the Home

Herbal properties list taken from Aoumiel's Green Witchcraft

......still under construction......