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Your Magical Home

Creating a Magickal Room

While I cannot wax philosophically about the pleasures of decorating the Pagan home I can provide ideas for encouraging warmth and feelings of well being in each room of our homes. Now not everyone is able to decorate openly with Pagan items but there are subtle ways to decorate to reflect the Pagan 'you' without drawing unwanted attention to from those not open to the Pagan path. Here I hope to provide ideas fit for everyone.

Mirrors! The more the merrier! Many Mirrors bring luck to a home, be sure to hang them high enough so as not to cut off the head in the reflection. Can cause headaches
Plants, candles, favorite animals, dragons, faeries, gargoyles, Dreamcatchers, crystals, suncatchers, celestial, Needlecrafts, paintings and an other artwork done by you or others, windchimes, goddess art, God and Greenman art, Celtic artwork (knots and such), stones, feathers, seaglass, drift wood, the ideas are endless!

Elemental Decorating: A nice idea is to add things to each quarter of the home or room indicative of that direction's elemental correspondence such as

East: Spring colors, eagles, all other birds, tin antiques or other items, items from childhood, wands, censers, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs & all other insects, anything that represents Air, items typical of Spring, Sylphs

West: blues, greens, indigos; fountains/flowing water,an aquarium, water living/loving creatures (dolphins, whales, seals, etc), items typical of autumn, undines

North: Earth tones-browns, greens, black;crystals, gems, pentacles, bulls, deer and the like, trees,chalices, items made of iron, items typical of winter, gnomes

South: warm colors-reds, oranges & golds. candles, salamanders, phoenix, photos of sunsets, any swift animal (rabbits, horses, large cats), gold items, Items typical of summer.

Spirit/Ether: center of the house/room/ceiling: wheels (or the shape), black, purple, white, copper items, dragons, gargoyles, sphinx. anything rempresenting infinity.

The Kitchen:

For wonderful ideas for decorating in a French Country, English Country or American Country theme, visit Shayleah's Hearth.
garlic and onion ropes, aloe vera plant and various herbs, antique medicine bottles, kitchen witch, ivy, stencils of your choice (I am still envisioning a stencil for a kitchen that reflects the seasons (or rather some seasons-acorns, sunflowers, pumpkin, mistletoe (or holly & berries), wheat stalks, with perhaps a mischievous fae peeking out...this is still a design in progress... antique or copper cookware hanging, two brooms crossed hanging on the wall (in any room) provides protection. Drying herbs are another good idea for decor.


My dream is to paint (or have painted since my skills are hopeless) my daughter's room to reflect each elemental correspondence. On the West wall: a scene that includes a waterfall, water creatures, dusk in the autumn and the North mountains, caves, rocks in the winter and so on so each wall has items reflecting that direction. Hopefully I can do it before she hits 18!

Rich, lush fabrics and colors, or at the opposite end of the spectrum clean light colors. I prefer a dark cosy room to settle in with sumptuous bedding and a lovely bookcase and rich looking accessories. My decadent side is shown most in this room. Our last bedroom was painted a rich Midnight Iris with a Midnight Blue ceiling stenciled with silver stars. lot's of dark wood and candles. (Sadly the room was never completed as we opted to sell) Our next room shall be found here as I work on it!

Living/Family Room:

Nowadays this usually is the most used room. Many families have left their kitchens for the living areas at meal times. The entertainment centre or a shelf nearby is a wonderful spot for an ancestral shrine. To keep our loved ones who have passed close to us.

Bathroom: Celestial, seashore, floral, woodsy...anything goes here.

page still under construction!

info inspired by Scott Cunningham's The Magickal Household