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Beginning Instructions on Basic Cleaning of Objects and People

by SharTasha, with additions by Estara

Everyone needs to clean the negative energy from themselves, objects, or others and you can't always do the full ritual banishing and circle castings, or you may not know how to yet. So I am going to give you two basic simple ways of cleaning the things you wish to. There are two basic methods to cleaning things. One is a method of taking the negative out of an object and getting rid of it by channeling it through yourself. The other is welling up the positive energy from yourself/surroundings and pushing the negative energy out and replacing it with the positive. In both cases you need to remember a very important thing...always direct and return the negative energy back into the earth so it can be refined and released back as positive energy. Never let it just "drift off", it could hit someone and make things very unpleasant for them.

OK., with that said let's get to the basics of how to cleanse. Below I will give you both methods I've mentioned above and leave it to you to experiment and see which one works better for you. Feel free to add any words you feel you need to say or props you wish to add. I am only putting a little bit more than the basic outline here for you to work with. I have used the method described of taking the negative energy out and channeling it out through myself for years the way I wrote it here and it has worked wonders for me so I feel safe to say that it works. I have used the other method as well, though not as often, and have also had favorable effects. Practice will determine which is better for you.

_Cleaning negative energy from the inside out:_

Imagine a clean, pure, warm light. Imagine that light as a ball. Take that ball and surround the item with it. Imagine the ball of light surrounding the item and then entering into it, burning the bad stuff as it reaches the middle of it, then pushing it back into the earth. Then imagine the ball of light going super nova and exploding out of the item as nothing but pure and clean, pushing out any negative that's left out and back into the earth.

_Cleaning negative energy from the outside in:_

Imagine the negativity in the item coming together in a big black ball. When the ball is collected in the middle of the item imagine a thread tied to it. Pull on that thread to pull it out of the item and imagine the empty space filling with white light as it would when you're footprints fill in when the waves wash over the footprint or when you dig a hole on the waves edge. Then imagine that ball going back into the earth where it can be changed and turned into good.

(A quick side note...the ball usually gets channeled through you, since you pulled it out towards you, but occasionally it will stay independent of itself, in which case you are just the "traffic cop" making sure it goes back into the Earth. But for the most part it will siphon through you.)

(Estara's note: if you choose this method, be *very sure* that you get all the negative energy out of you at the end! You don't want it lingering inside you somewhere, making you sick. You might want to do a self-cleansing afterward to make absolutely sure it's all gone.)

These are not the most complicated methods you'll ever see but they are very practical. You will also find that the complicated ones will incorporate something to these effects. Again, practice makes perfect, so play with it and see what feels right to you.

A variation from Estara: Another way to cleanse something is a variation on SharTasha's second option, that of pulling the negative energy out through yourself. (That, by the way, is a more shamanic technique, as opposed to the more "New Agey" approach of pumping positive energy into the person or object. Michael Harner, in _The Way of the Shaman,_ describes a healing technique that uses this principle: the shaman sucks out the negative energy with her mouth and spits it out.)

The variation, which shows up a lot in folk magic, is to pull out the negative energy into some item that you can either get rid of or cleanse more easily. A common folk tool for this practice is a raw egg; I have also heard of pieces of apple or onion being used. You pass the item over the body of the person being cleansed, seeing or feeling the negativity being sucked into the item. If one seems to "fill up," switch to another--use as many as you need to get everything. The items are disposed of afterward--obviously you don't want anyone eating them by mistake! If you prefer, you can carry a crystal to serve as this tool; instead of throwing it away, you would cleanse it at home (as soon as possible) using one of the more time-consuming methods, such as burying it in earth or salt, or leaving it under running water.

SOURCE: unknown, if you do know, please drop us a line!