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Magickal & Mundane
Meadowsweet & Myrrh
Michael Mahler's Ditherings
Moonchild's Musings
Mutable Blue-my blog
My Flight of Dreams
My Thoughts Exactly
Myriah's Musings

Nine Ravens
No Gluten or Dairy or Carbs..oh my!-a kitchen witch newly gluten free
Non Fluffy Wicca

One Starry Night
On Raven's Dark Wing
On the Goddess Path
Owl's Court
Owls Gathering

Pagan by Design
Pagan Godspell
Pagan Homesteading-A Livejournal Community
Paperspirit's Pulpit
Peeling a Pomegranate
Pray to the Moon
Property of a Lady

Radical Goddess Theology
Ravens Wyrd
Reclamation of a Pagan: Mind, Body, and Soul
Reflections in the Pond
Roswila's Dream & Poetry Realm
Roswila's Tarot Gallery & Journal

Seeking Sanctuary
Simply Shylah
So.Cal. Pagans and Wiccans
Southern Fried Pagan
Shakti Witch
Sunfell's Earth Walk

Technopagan Yearnings
Tempest Reflections
The Archdruid Report
The Bull Speaks
The Cauldron Born
The Celtic Journey
The Copper Chalice
The Hedge-Bear
The Nocturnal Knit Witch
The Norse Mythology Blog
The Pagan Man
The Pagan Temple
The Secret Life of an American Working Witch
The Silver Spiral
The Spicy Cauldron
The Teflon Cauldron
The Wildhunt Blog
The Witching Well
The Wytch Chandlery
Tír na nOuray

Urban By Nature: A Pagan in the City
Urban Pagan Girl

vanatru's Journal
Views from the Cyberhenge
Voice of the Valkyrie

Whispering Mists Blog
Whispers Of A Wysp
Witch on White Mountain
Witchin' in the Kitchen
Witchy Chicks
Witchy Wannabe
Witchy Writings
Wolf Moons and Muddypond Green
Womanish Words