Walking with Witches

Come now people, let us walk awhile,
Fear not, for I came to pass a smile,
Such a tale for you I shall tell,
Of a realm where gentle magic dwells.
Cast your eyes towards the night sky,
The moon awaits to greet you and I,
The stars, a blanket for your bed to lay,
A Goddess guides your dreams towards day.
Come dawn, a chorus of skylarks' song,
The sun welcomes those who do belong,
Who belong to an almost forgotten way,
Where Gods talk gleefully as children play.
As Witches cast circles in pale moonlight,
Druids sit speaking while drinking delight,
Faeries glance carefully from beyond oaken trees,
While Elves dance joyfully dressed in green leaves.
Proud Dragons fly high in the bluest of skies,
Unchained, unbound with Love in their eyes,
Gnomes and Goblins reveal the wisdom of ages,
Dwarves and others record stories in pages.
A cat black, now beckons for tis time to part,
I thank thee for listening to this Pagan's heart,
Let your faith be strong whichever your way,
But remember...you walked with Witches this day.

Copyright - Jarrien Wolf - Alban Elued 2000