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Yuletide Activities and Crafts

Winter Sowing Solstice Celebration
Seasonal Stories & Giggles

Consecrate the Yule Tree to the Lord and Lady.

Splash with salted water
Smoke its branches with incense
Walk around the tree with a lighted candle and say:
"By fire and water, air and earth, I consecrate this tree of rebirth."

Incense Recipes

Solstice Citrus Incense

1 Tb. dry orange peel
1Tb. dry grapefruit peel
1Tb. dry lemon peel
1Tb. dry tangerine peel
1Tsp. orange extract
1Tsp. lemon extract

SOURCE: unknown

Winter Meditation Incense

2 parts Pine
1 ˝ part Juniper
1 ˝ part Cedar
2 parts frankincense


Smell Of Yule

1/3 cup crushed cinnamon sticks (2 - 1 oz. cans)
1/3 cup whole cloves (2 - 1.12 oz. cans)
2/3 cup whole allspice (2 - 1.25 oz. cans)
cheesecloth, cut in 4" squares

Place cinnamon sticks in an old towel and crush with a mallet. Place in bowl and add remaining ingredients; mix well.

To make bags, place 1 tablespoon of mix on a double thickness of cheesecloth squares. Tie corners together with string. Place in jars.

TO USE: Simmer 1 bag in small saucepan of water to spread smell throughout house. Also, simmer 1 bag in 1 quart cider, apple juice, or red wine for a delicious spiced drink. Makes 7 half-pints. Attach instructions to jars.

SOURCE: unknown

Making Your Own Yule Candle

Eleven pound slab of wax (Not all will be used)
Old Coffee Can or melting pot for melting the wax
A sauce pan that the old can will fit into
A Mold (Purchased or another Coffee can, lined
with corregated card)

Wax Colouring or several crayons
Candle wicking
Ice pick
Hot pads or oven mitts
Stirring Spoon or stick
Basin of hot water
Optional candle scenting

To determine how much wax will be needed, pour water into your mold. Pour this water carefully into your melting pot. This will give you an idea how high up the sides of the melting pot that the molten wax will need to be. Discard the water, and dry the melting pot and mold thoroughly.
Cut three wicks two to three inches longer than the candle will be when finished. Lay aside.
Cut the wax into chunks, and place them into the old coffee can. Place the coffee can into a saucepan and add hot water to the sauce pan to make a 'waterbath'.
Over a low flame, melt the wax.
When the wax is nearly all in a liquid state, dip the candle wicking into it. Lay each strand out straight to harden.
Next, shave the wax colouring into the molten wax. Stir gently.
When the wax is melted, pour it carefully into the mold. (Reserve some of the wax, as it will 'shrink')
Allow the candle to sit undisturbed for four to six hours.
When the mold is just warm to your touch, use the ice pick to make three holes in the centre (about an inch apart, and at least one and a half inches from the candle's edges.)
Insert the wax-stiffened wicks into the ice pick holes.
Reheat the reserved wax and pour it over the candle, filling in the wick areas and any depressions made by the wax shrinkage. (NOT down the sides)
Allow the candle to cool completely. To remove it from the mold, place the can into a basin of hot water. The sides will melt, releasing the candle.
Trim the wicks to around three eighths of an inch.
Allow the candle to thoroughly cure before using.

If the candle seems dull, dip it into hot water for a moment to 'reglaze'.
Using the heated tip of an ice pick make designs in the sides of the candle.
Decorate by pressing Holly (or other dried or hardy plants) into the sides. (Dip the candle in hot water to soften, using the hot awl to make 'channels' for the stems or berries to be inserted into.) Brush a thin clear paraffin glaze over all.


Pentacle Ornaments

These can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make them. I made some over the weekend out of cardboard, paint, glue and glitter. Getting them cut out and looking nice is the biggest challenge. An exacto knife is a must! After they were cut I painted them various "Yule" colors and them added a light layer of glue and then sprinkled some glitter. Poke a tiny hole, add some thread (I used silver and gold threads) and voila! I'll hang mine from shelves, the window between the living room and kitchen as well as on the tree should we get one this year. I can see making pentacles from pipe cleaners, wood (for the super talented!) or craft dough. Adding greenery bits, berries, etc.

Yule Log

Perhaps one the oldest of all Pagan Yuletide traditions is the burning of the Yule log. At this, the coldest & darkest time of the year, the burning of the Yule log, expressed in the simplest magickal terms what was needed most: warmth & light. The power of the Yule log gave its strength to the new born Sun when another solar year was born. Today not everyone has a fireplace in which to burn the Yule log, but the ancient ritual can still be performed. Small logs, particularly of birch, have been especially prepared & decorated and called Yule logs. To prepare such a log, obtain a length of natural log with the bark left on. The log will then need to be split so that it can rest on the flat side, or flattened just enough on one side to keep it from rolling. A third method is to nail two flat strips of wood to the base. Once the log is steady and secure, drill two or three 3/4 inch holes in the top of the log to receive candles (sometimes a florist will sell them with the holes drilled in). Prior to your Sabbat Ritual, add the candles to the log (red or white anointed with Yule type of oil, and decorate with fresh holly, fir, pine & yew. At the appropriate point in the Ritual, light the candles and say your prayer. A major part of the Yule log tradition is that the ashes of the log are kept throughout the year as an amulet of protection & fertility, and that an unburned portion of the Yule log be kept and used to kindle the Yule log the following year. By doing this, the remains gather unto itself a great deal of magickal power and the stumps of the candles may be kept at amulets throughout the year and used to light the new candles on the following Yule. (sent in by email-author unknown)

Twelve Herb Yule Sachet

7 parts Juniper
4 parts Cinnamon
4 parts Allspice
4 parts Ginger
4 parts Caraway
2 parts Nutmeg
2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Lemon
2 parts Orange
1 part Clove
1 part Bay
2 pinches Orris

Tie up in a green cloth and give as gifts at Yule or Samhain.

Yule Centerpiece

If your a busy person this is an ideal craft. One of the easiest things to do for your home is to create a centerpiece for the table. It's quick, it's easy and it looks good. This can stay out all year long and you can change the flowers and greenery to suit the season.


1: 6"-10" decorative basket that you can pick up from any craft or department store. It should have some depth to it, without it being too big.
1: Oasis Form (a cube of styrofoam used by florists which are easily attainable) or you can use a plastic evergreen bow left over from Yule. That should be only about 16" long.
1: Candle Holder. This can be made of any type of material that is pleasing to your eye. (Wood, glass, silver etc.)
3-4: Plastic seasonal flowers. This way you can save them for the following years. For Yule: you can use: Holly, Mistletoe, Black Berries, Pointsettias, Pine Cones, Dates, Dried Fruit (oranges symbolized for the returning sun) etc. You can purchase these anywhere (craft stores, department stores, some hardware stores.)
1: Colour Candle. This should suit the sabbat. For Yule: use a red or green candle.

Cut a hole in the centre of the Oasis Form big enough to fit your candle holder. Or if you opted for the evergreen bow wrap it around inside the basket and place the candle holder in the middle. Cut the bow to the length to fit your basket so it won't look too stuffed. Next add your candle holder in the centre of the basket. Use pliers or wire cutters to cut the long stems of the plastic flowers and to defoliate the leaves that come with it. Cut them at different lengths to give dimension to the basket in general. Once you have finished cutting your flowers, begin sticking them into the form or evergreen bow. Start at the centre and move your way out. Remember to keep a 'balance' of colour and texture to it.

Cinnamon and Pinecone Wreath Candles

Paraffin wax
tea lights (three to a candle)
plastic juice containers
cinnamon sticks
a variety of small pinecones
color chips optional

Cut off the bottom of the juice container leaving it about an inch deep. This is your mold. Place the pinecone and cinnamon sticks along the inside edge of the container. Carefully remove the tea lights from their tin casings, and then remove the wicks by pulling on the metal anchor on the bottom of the tea light. Place three wicks in the center of the container. Cut the wax into one inch squares and microwave on high for approximately five minutes. When the wax is melted, pour it into your mold—making sure that all the wicks stay upright. It’s best to use an oven mitt to protect your skin. The hot wax can be lethal. After your candles have cooled to the touch, you can remove them from their molds.

SOURCE: unknown

Aromatic Cinnamon Charms

Cinnamon increases clairvoyance, and apples contain ancient Earth magic. Combing the two produces a fragrant charm that provides protection and increases the effectiveness of spells performed in your home. To make the charm, mix the following ingredients into a stiff dough: 1/4 cup applesauce, 4 oz. ground cinnamon. Roll dough to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutters (stars, hearts, circles, and so on). Make a hole in the top of each with a toothpick. Lay the charms on paper towels and allow to dry one or two days. Turn occasionally. Decorate with sparkly fabric paint and pass red threads through the holes for hangers. Cinnamon charms last indefinitely and are not edible.

by Lynne Sturtevant

Yule Goddess Doll

unbleached muslin (1 yard)
sisal rope
white glue
florist wire
small egg-shaped Styrofoam ball

1.Fold one section of newspaper in half and roll it lengthwise.
2.Fold the roll in half, and twist a twist tie at the upper third of the folded roll to form the body and legs. It may be helpful to stuff the legs into a large bottle while you work.
3.Cut off a 20 inch section of florist wire and twist the ends together. Twist the ends into a loop approximately 1 inch long, and bend the wires close together. This will be the arms and hands
4.Stick two pieces of florist wire approximately 6 inches long into the wide end of the Styrofoam ball and fold them around the ball, twisting them together to hold it securely. With the remaining wire, secure the ball to the loop of the newspaper - this will be the head.
5.Thread the arms through the paper of the loop, not the loop itself, to help it remain secure.
6.Mix the glue with an equal part of water to form a solution that the material will be dipped in and used to hold the fabric to the doll and stiffen the fabric to desired shape.
7.From the muslin, rip several 1/4- 1/2 inch strips of fabric, run them through the glue solution. The material should be saturated, but not dripping. Wrap the hands and arms wire with the material, covering the wire completely. It may take several applications of material. Tuck the ends into the material already wrapped.
8.Repeating the same dipping process, cover the head first with horizontal wraps and then with vertical. Wrap the body of the doll crossing over from the front to the back in an "X" shape. Wrap the neck wire and secure the ends of the strips
9.For the skirt: Rip a 12 inch by 20 inch piece of material, sew the 12 inch ends together if desired, and dip the material into the solution. Pull up over the legs, gather the waist and secure to the paper using a 1/2 strip acting as a belt.
10.Make the apron - rip a 2 inch wide strip that is wide enough to fit over the top of the skirt, and cut the front bottom edge into a curve if desired. Secure the apron with a piece of trim.
11.Rip a 1 inch piece of material approximately 8 inches long, dip, and drape around the neck.
12.Rip a 3 inch wide piece of material approximately 16 inches long and drape around back and over arms.
13.Arrange the skirt into desired folds and allow doll to dry.
14.After the doll has dried, cut the rope into 12 12-inch sections and fold in half - this will be the part of the hair. Sew the ropes at the fold down the center of the head. Unravel the rope.
15.You can garnish the White Goddess with a wreath of dried flowers if you like - take a vine and wrap it on itself until you have a wreath. Insert dried flowers into the wreath and place on the head.
16.She can be left in the bottle for year-round use, or placed on top of the tree at Yule.

SOURCE: Solsticemoon

Cinnamon Clay

1 1/2 cups ground cinnamon
1 cup applesauce
1/3 cup white school glue (like Elmer's)
1 medium sized bowl
Flat surface for kneading
Wax paper
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters - various types
Non-stick cooling rack
optionally - puffy paints

Mix cinnamon, applesauce, and glue together in a bowl, remove from the bowl and knead the mixture until it turns into a firm clay. Let it sit for about 30 minutes as clay is best used at room temp. You may need to dust your rolling pin, hands or working surface with cinnamon, or use wax paper as a working surface. Roll out clay with a rolling pin to approx. 1/8 of an inch thick and use cutters to cut out desired shapes. If you are going to hang them, use a straw to cut out a hole near the top of the shape. Place shapes on a non stick cooling rack - or wax paper but you'll need to keep an eye on them and turn them over occasionally so that they dry evenly and dry flat. Dry the shapes for approx. 5 days. When dry you may put a ribbon through the hole for hanging, add to packages or anything else you cam think of.

Optional - you may add puffy paint to decorate your shapes or decorate with dried flowers.

SOURCE: unknown

Decorative Firestarters

These look great in a basket near the fireplace, or make a great gift basket as well. With the exception of the paper cups, these were made with recycled and found materials

As always, safety is our primary concern and you should know these safety rules before proceeding. If you are new to candle making, you may wish to take a look at Basics Part 1 and Basics Part 2. I have created an illustrated version of these instructions, however you may wish to read through this page first.

Cupcake tin
Cupcake cups - these may be plain or fancy. Do not use the foil type
Wax - I used recycled scraps in reds and yellows to get this orange color
Pine cones - collected in the back yard
Wick - any size, scraps of wick were used here
Scent - Optional
The usual candle making equipment
Step 1
Sort through your scrap box and collect wax in the desired color. Place in melting pot and heat until melted.

Step 2
Place paper cupcake cups into the cupcake pan.

Step 3
Let wax cool to 140 degrees F. Pour to within 3/8 inch of the top.

Step 4
Lay a piece of wick through each cup. Allow to cool.

Step 5
Once the wax is firm to the touch, gently press a pine cone into each cup.

Step 6
Top off each cup with hot wax to bond the pine cone in place.

Step 7
Trim the wicks to about 1/2 inch long.

If there are any candle or soap subjects you would like to see in future features, please let me know. Join me next time for the first of a series of features on projects using recycled wax.

SOURCE: unknown
Submitted by: Sage

Magickal Scented Pine Cones

Create these talismans in a magickal circle for use during the Mabon, Samhain, and Yule seasons. Frankincense and myrrh are particularly spiritual herbs which have been used in religious ceremonies for ages. When burned, frankincense releases powerful vibrations as well as banishes negativity and evil. It protects, consecrates, purifies, and exorcises. It is attributed to the Sun. Myrrh purifies, lifts vibrations, and creates peace. It is used to intensify the power of any incense to which it is added. Myrrh is attributed to the Moon. The fact that these two herbs are associated to the Sun and Moon is highly appropriate as we enter the Mabon season, a time of balance. And as we enter the dark half of the year, these herbs work together to push back our fears and anxieties. These pine cones are burned in the fireplace or cauldron.

2x2-inch pine cones (about 24)
Frankincense powder (1/4 cup, approximately 2 ounces)
Myrrh powder (1/2 cup, approximately 4 ounces)
Gold Glitter (1.4 cup)
White Crafts Glue
Cellophane bags (available from florist or crafts supply store)
Shallow container, such as a shoe box lid
Gold filigree ribbon

Rinse pine cones with water. Lay cones on an old cookie sheet and place in 300 degrees oven for one hour. Spread cones out on layers of newspapers and set aside to complete drying. Blend frankincense, myrrh, and glitter in a shallow container. Dab glue on tips of pine cone petals and on the bottom of the cone. Roll cone in mixture of powder and glitter. Set cones aside to dry. Package in a handful of dried cones in cellophane bags to give as gifts. Tie bag shut with gold filigree ribbon. Attach a label with a holiday greeting and instructions for using the pine cones: Enjoy the aromatic incense the cones release when burned. Toss a cone or two onto hot embers, and inhale the earthy fragrance. Or, set the cones in a dish for a more subtly fragrant decoration.

SOURCE: unknown

Submitted by Sage

Salt Hardening Clay

1 1/2 cup of salt
4 cups all purpose flour
2 cups water (may need a little more)
Food coloring
Large straw for hole punch
Clear sealant (available in craft stores)

Utensils needed:
2 or 3 large cookie sheets
2 large bowls
large spatula
cookie cutters
rolling pin
pastry scraper
water bottle or bowl of water

Preheat oven to 300. Thoroughly mix flour and salt in one bowl. Mix water and food coloring. Add water mixture to flour mixture and mix by hand (wear gloves if you have any cuts the salt stings) Knead dough, add more water as necessary, 1/2 cup at a time. Take enough to make 1/4 inch cookie or to fit your cutter, Roll out on floured surface. Keep the flour not being used covered with wet towel to stay moist. Bake at 300 for 45 minutes Keep watch that they don't burn or turn dark, the purpose of baking is to harden and dry out the shape. Some that are too thick may take longer. Let cool completely and paint or leave plain. Spray clear sealant to preserve. Let dry. Run ribbon through and tie in a bow or loop.

SOURCE: unknown

Mini-Pinecone Wreath

Make this with the smallest pinecones available. (I use hemlock or larch cones.) The number you need will depend on the sizes of the cones and the ring you use as a base. When I use a 3-inch ring as the base, I can usually fit 22 to 30 tiny cones around the ring.

30 small pinecones
1 3-inch-diameter craft ring
1 20-inch narrow ribbon
glue gun

Glue 5 or 6 pinecones on the inside of ring, pointing toward the center. The base of each cone should just touch the cones on either side. Glue about 8 to 11 cones around the face of ring, tops pointing almost straight up, with just a little tilt to the outside. Again, bases should touch. Glue approximately 10 to 14 cones around the outside of ring, cones pointing out, bases touching one another. Form a loop out of ribbon and tie a nice small bow. Glue bow securely to upper part of ring, near the center, and hang from your tree.


Potpourri Blends

Yule Simmering Potpourri

1/2 Cup dried apple slices,cut in tiny pieces
1/2 Cup whole cranberries
4 Cinnamon sticks
1 whole nutmeg -- broken up
2 Tbsp Whole cloves
2 Tbsp Whole allspice

Mix all ingredients together.
To simmer potpourri:
place 1/2 cup mixture and 2 cups water in a small saucepan. Place pan over low heat and simmer several hours. Or use your electric potpourri pot. Add more water as needed.

SOURCE: unknown

Yuletide Potpourri Blends

Blend #1

3 Cups Fresh juniper sprigs with berries
2 Cups Red rosebuds
1 Cup Bay leaves
1/4 Cup Cinnamon chips
2 Tablespoons Cloves
10 Drops rose oil
3 Drops pine oil
6 Drops cinnamon oil
1 Tablespoon Orrisroot chips
5 Whole dried rose blossoms
3 Three-inch cinnamon sticks
20 Assorted pinecones -- painted gold

Combine the juniper, rosebuds, bay leaves, cinnamon chips, cloves, and cones in a big ceramic bowl. In a separate dish, mix the oils with the orrisroot. Stir this mixture into the first one and put into a closed container to mellow for a few weeks, stirring occasionally. Place the potpourri in a dish and scatter the roses blossoms and cinnamon sticks on top.

Blend #2

To 1 quart of fir needles ADD:
1 cup dried mixed citrus peels - grapefruit, lemon, orange, lime, coarsely broken (whirl in blender)
1 cup whole rosemary
1/2 cup dried whole basil
2 to 4 whole bay leaves, coarsely crumbled
2 cups coarse (not iodized) salt

Mix all ingredients together and use to stuff fabric tree ornaments. Warmth brings out the fragrance. If fir needles are not available, the potpourri will be deliciously fragrant in any case!

To prepare citrus peels, remove membrane, cut into strips, dry in a warm place till very crisp and brittle.. Break into small pieces and store in plastic bags tightly sealed.

Coarse salt is a fixative to help hold fragrance.

Blend #3

3 cinnamon sticks
3 bay leaves
1/4 c. whole cloves
1/2 lemon, halved
1/2 orange, halved
1 qt. water

Combine all ingredients in saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer as long as desired (may use crock pot). Check often and add additional water if needed. Mixture may be stored in refrigerator several days and reused. Makes your house smell great.

Blend #4

2 cinnamon sticks
3 whole cloves
3 whole allspice
3 cups water

In small saucepan, combine all ingredients. Bring to a boil; reduce heat. Add more water as necessary.

SOURCE: unknown

Winterberry Potpourri

5 cups Pine Needles Green
3 cups Eucalyptus Bells Mini
3 cups Pine Cones - Mountain Pine
2 cups Milo Berries (Cranberry)
2 cups Rhododendron Leaves
2 cups Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Cinnamon Sticks 2-3/4 inch
1 cup Oak Moss - Whole
24 pcs Pomegranate Stars (24/Unit)
OIL: Winterberry or Holiday Cranberry

Winter White Jar Potpourri

4 cups Pearly Everlasting (White)
3 cups Pine Needles Green
2 cups Cockscomb flowers (Dyed Red)
2 cups Pine Cones - White Spruce
1 cup Cinnamon Sticks (1-inch)
1 cup Curly Pods (Natural)
1 cup Hibiscus Flowers - Whole
1 cup Noble Fir Cone Scales
1 cup Pine Cones - Birch
1 cup Pine Cones - Hemlock
1 cup Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Velvet Flowers (Xmas Red)
1/2 cup Cellulose Fiber Fixative
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
OIL: Christmas and Clovebud (Essential)

Holiday Fruit & Nut Potpourri

3 cups Cockscomb flowers (Dyed Red)
2 cups Amra Pods
2 cups Apple Slices
2 cups Bay Leaf Whole (Spice Section)
2 cups Cinnamon Sticks 2-3/4 inch
2 cups Eucalyptus Bells Mini
2 cups Pine Cones - Mountain Pine
2 cups Polbosa Bleached
1 cup Arti Pods
1 cup Coco Flowers Whole
1 cup Curve Pods
1 cup Rose Hips - Whole
OIL: Cider Spice

Hollyberry Jar Potpourri

2-1/2 cups Pine Cones - Hemlock
2 cups Oak Moss - Whole
2 cups Pearly Everlasting (White)
2 cups Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Anise (Star) - Standard
1 cup Hibiscus Flowers - Whole
1 cup Juniper Berries (Red) - Whole
1 cup Lemon Verbena Leaves
1 cup Rosemary - Whole (Spices)
1 cup Sage - Whole (Spice Section)
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
1/2 cup Balsam Fir Needles
1/2 cup Cinnamon Chips - Large Cut
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
1/2 cup Orange Peel - Ribbon Cut
1/2 cup Uva Ursi (Pinguica) Leaves
OIL: Christmas or Winterberry

Yule Tree Jar Potpourri

4 cups Cedar Tips (Green)
2 cups Cockscomb Flowers
1-1/2 cups Anise (Star) - Standard
1 cup Juniper Berries (Red) - Whole
1 cup Lemon Verbena Leaves
1 cup Noble Fir Cone Scales
1 cup Oak Moss - Whole
1 cup Pine Cones - Hemlock
1 cup Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Sage - Whole (Spice Section)
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
1/2 cup Balsam Fir Needles
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
1/2 cup Rosemary - Whole (Spices)
1 cup Apple Dices (1/2 in.) Dried
1 cup Ginger Root Slices
OIL: Christmas or Evergreen

Merry Berry Simmering or Jar Potpourri

3 cups Cockscomb flowers (Dyed Red)
2 cups Rosebuds & Petals (Red)
2 cups Rose Hips - Whole
1-1/2 cups Milo Berries (Cranberry)
1-1/2 cups Pine Cones - Birch
1 cup Anise (Star) - Standard
1 cup Hibiscus Flowers - Whole
1 cup Juniper Berries (Red) - Whole
1 cup Statice Flowers (White)
1 cup Tilia Flowers
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
1/2 cup Rosemary - Whole (Spices)
OIL: Holiday Cranberry or Bayberry

Holiday Spice Simmering or Jar Potpourri

2 cups Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Anise (Star) - Standard
1 cup Cinnamon Sticks (1-inch)
1 cup Curly Pods (Natural)
1 cup Ginger Root Slices
1 cup Juniper Berries (Red) - Whole
1 cup Noble Fir Cone Scales
1 cup Pine Cones - Birch
1 cup Spina Cristi
1/2 cup Allspice (Jamaican) Whole
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
1/2 cup Tilia Flowers
OIL: Bayberry or Winterberry

Fireside Basket Potpourri

4 cups Cedar Tips (Green)
3 cups Pine Cones-Engelmann Spruce
2 cups Anise (Star) - Standard
2 cups Cloves - Whole
2 cups Curly Pods (Natural)
2 cups Eucalyptus Bells Mini
2 cups Globe Amaranth (White)
2 cups Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Cinnamon Sticks (1-inch)
1 cup Noble Fir Cone Scales
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
OIL: Christmas or Bayberry

Country Holiday Jar Potpourri

3 cups Cockscomb flowers (Dyed Red)
2 cups Cedar Tips (Green)
2 cups Yarrow Flowers - Whole
1-1/2 cups Pine Cones - Hemlock
1 cup Anise (Star) - Standard
1 cup Chamomile (White/Roman) Flowers
1 cup Cinnamon Sticks (1-inch)
1 cup Eucalyptus Bells Mini
1 cup Lemon Verbena Leaves
1 cup Rose Hips - Whole
1 cup Tilia Flowers
1 cup Uva Ursi (Pinguica) Leaves
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
1/2 cup Cinnamon Chips - Large Cut
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
1/2 cup Juniper Berries (Red) - Whole
OIL: Christmas or Winterberry

Bayberry Spice jar Potpourri

3 cups Rose Leaves - Whole
2 cups Angel Wings (White)
2 cups Hibiscus Flowers - Whole
2 cups Lemon Verbena Leaves
2 cups Milo Berries (White)
1 cup Juniper Berries (Blue) - Whole
1 cup Pine Cones - Birch
1 cup Pine Cones - Hemlock
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
1/2 cup Anise (Star) - Standard
1/2 cup Cloves - Whole
1/2 cup Oak Moss - Cut
OIL: Bayberry

Winterlude Jar Potpourri

4 cups Rosebuds & Petals (Red)
2 cups Cedar Tips (Green)
2 cups Larkspur Petals (Blue)
2 cups Milo Berries (Cranberry)
2 cups Pine Cones - Hemlock
2 cups Senna Pods
1 cup Cloves - Whole
1 cup Hibiscus Flowers - Whole
1 cup Noble Fir Cone Scales
1 cup Orange Peel - Ribbon Cut
1 cup Rose Hips - Whole
1/2 cup Allspice (Mexican) Whole
1/2 cup Anise (Star) - Standard
1/2 cup Oak Moss - Cut
OIL: Orange 'N Clove