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Spring Crafts and Activities for Children

Sharing the first day of Spring with your children can be so magical and wondrous, no matter where you live. Look for signs of the Earth's change into a new season.

It is usually still snow covered and cold where I (Mama Moon) am but I have my seedlings growing and I am ready to crack open windows on those unseasonably warm days. One year, back in grade school, my teacher had us plant eggs. Use half an eggshell, fill with some soil and plant grass seed. We drew funny faces on our eggs first so once the grass grew our eggs had "hair"! There are so many activities to do with your child to teach them the wonders of the Earth at the Spring Equinox and after a long winter for some, they are more than ready to get out and explore with you.

Activities For Welcoming Spring!

Planting seeds in peat pot starters

Plant quick growing grass seeds at least a week before Ostara. A great substitute for the cellophane fake grass used in baskets. An empty milk carton makes a great planter
Coloring or Decorate eggs-use markers, glitter, tissue paper or crepe paper. Have your child draw, paint, etc symbols to represent what he/she wants for the coming year
Have an egghunt
Take a nature walk and look for signs of Spring. New birds to your area, new growth, etc.

Ostara Chick

Yellow washable liquid paint

Paint the bottom of the child's foot with paint. Have her press her foot onto a sheet of construction paper. When the child's foot is clean and the paint is dry, have her use crayons to add an eye, beak, and legs to her chick. Finally have her spread glue along the bottom of the paper, then sprinkle the glue with cornmeal.

SOURCE: unknown

Eggshell Mosaics

small cups or bowls
eggshells (cleaned if using shells from raw eggs)
food coloring
white vinegar
posterboard or cardboard glue newspapers or papertowels

Mix a few drops of food coloring with approx. 1/2 c. white vinegar for each color you plan to use. Soak the egg shells in the food coloring until you have the color desired. The longer they soak the darker they will be. You may wish to crush the shells into small pieces before putting them into the coloring. Remove shells and spread onto newspaper to dry. Next you can draw out an outline or picture on you paper. Spread glue , apply eggshells. It's easier to work small areas instead of spreading glue throughout. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving your picture. Sources for pictures: online kids sites, coloring books.

SOURCE Unknown

Filter Ostara Eggs

Coffee Filters
Food Coloring
Eye Droppers

Precut egg shapes out of coffee filters. Mix water and food coloring and place mixture in a small dishes or jars. Using the droppers or straws let the kids drip the color onto the filter. The colors will run together making pretty designs.


Giant Ostara Egg

Liquid Starch or Watered Down Glue
Large Paintbrushes
Crochet Thread

Blow up a balloon and tie a 2 ft. piece of thread to the bottom of it. Cover the entire balloon with starch or watered down glue, using a large paint brush. Wrap crochet thread around the balloon in one direction, leaving small gaps about 1/2 inch wide so the balloon isn't completely covered. Wrapping doesn't have to be perfect. Apply another light layer of starch or glue on top of the thread and wrap with another layer of crochet thread in another direction. Repeat one or more times until the balloon is covered with thread. Hang the balloon from the bottom thread to dry for about 24 hours. When fully dry, pop the balloon and gently pull it out of the thread. Hang the giant egg from the ceiling or place it in a giant easter basket. Variations: Use multicolored thread or yarn. You can flatten the end of the egg by pressing on it gently so it will stand on end. Leave an intentional opening to set figurines and eggs/candy in. They are very pretty this way. Work quickly before the glue/starch dries or add more when necessary.

SOURCE: unknown

Meagan's Ostara by Kathryn Dyer

The Story of Eostar by Rachel Walker

Mother/Daughter Tea Party

I read recently somewhere, I'm thinking in Celebrating the Great Mother by Cait Johnson and Maura Shaw. A great way to celebrate the return of Spring/Persephone to Demeter is to let your daughter dress up. Dress of her choice, flowers in her hair....Do mother/daughter activities together. Well my daughter loves tea parties, we have a Midsummer tea party, faery themed of course. Since Easter finery is everywhere in stores we shall find the prettiest, pinkest (she's a pastel, pink-loving girlie girl) dress and add a crown of spring flowers (she picked out artificial flowers as this is March in New England) woven into a circlet she can wear, and we shall dine on small tea sandwiches and fruit tea (or in her case, cranberry juice-laced tea). She knows and adores the story of Demeter and Persephone, lately she is frequently re-telling it to her babies. Following our tea party we shall either take a walk outside (her most favorite thing to do) and check out what latest greenery has peeped out of the ground or we shall have an egg hunt. This year we are in a house on our own land, it may be fun to finally move it outside.