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UPDATE: After 2 1/2 years of treatment my brave girl is in remission and is now a beautiful, healthy 14 year old. She began her second year off treatment this Autumn and has three more years of regular check ups and bloodwork before she is pronounced cured in summer 2017. Thank you to all who prayed, lit candles, sent healing energy and supported us mentally, emotionally and financially. We are so very grateful to you all!

Note from site owner: April 2010 my beloved daughter, "Pixie", was diagnosed with leukemia. As a result, I have little hope of having any time to devote to this site for the foreseeable future. However, because my delightfully witchy child has been longing for me to return to my path I may in fact find time as a way of coping with what she and I face over the next 2-3 years. If I don't, please accept my apologies for any glitches to the site. Please report glitches to mutableblue(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Steph (mama moon)

Hearth and Home Witchery was created in 2001 after I found plenty of sites for Pagans, but none that really embraced the aspects of everyday living as a Pagan. HHW aims to focus more toward the mundane aspects of Pagan/Magical living, this is more than the celebrations and rituals this is the day after that big esbat, when the kitchen needs cleaning and your wee witchlings are chomping at the bit for something to do. We have gone through many incarnations via various sites, even it's own domain for a while, all of which finally led to it's new home here as a website rather than newsletter.

This site contains info from other sites, links included when available as a friendly attempt to connect the Pagan webweavers and sites on the WWW. You will also find original ideas, recipes, etc. from friends, shared on egroups and from former group members when we were groups at Yahoo* and later MSN.

Disclaimer: We at HHW are merely sharing info, when trying new recipes (either aromatherapy or herbal) please use common sense and consult a doctor first or research more to see if it's a remedy appropriate for you. (IE: pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with asthma, allergies, diabetes, heart disease,etc.)

We ask that you PLEASE DO NOT STEAL from this site. Not only is it bad karma, it is disrespectful to myself, the contributors, as well as the authors of the sites we link to. We have put a lot of hard work into our offerings and do not want to see the work copied directly to other sites without proper credit or a link back, or worse, passed off as one's own.

So use a little imagination and create something yourself instead of copying and pasting our words without credit, the internet has more than enough of that already. We strive to provide sources and credit for what we share and we expect the same from others. If you choose to pass along what you find here please include the credit or source given.

If you like some of the buttons and banners found here you are welcome to help yourself to the ones found on the pages here