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Whipped Candles

Whipping wax is very simple. You'll need a finished candle and some not too hot wax. This means you need to let the wax cool slightly, enough for a "skin" to form on the top.

Take a fork and start to whip the wax. Just as if you were whipping scrambled eggs. As the wax starts to harden, layer the wax onto the candle. Start from either the top or the bottom, it helps to have two people for this process. The person holding the candle might want to wear rubber gloves. The wax is hardening but it is still quite hot. This technique can be used to make the popular cake candles.

The wax is usually colored to match the core candle that is whipped onto the candle. When you put the wax onto the candle you can "squeeze" the candle to tame down the wax, it will give it a slightly smoother finish.

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