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Wheel of the Year Candle

This takes a whole year to make. You could actually do this in a year and a day... How symbolic! I recently had the idea and started mine on Mabon (the Autumnal Equinox, [1997]). You have to save some of the wax from the candles you used on each Sabbat and keep them in a special place for the whole year. As each Sabbat passes, add the next piece of wax. Since you used them for the Sabbat rituals, they have more power. Once the wheel of the year has made a complete cycle, melt the wax from the eight Sabbats together. Pour the melted wax into a candle mold, or cut a plastic cup in half; add a wick to the bottom of the cup and pour in the wax. Place it in the freezer to harden quickly. Keep it in your sacred space to bring a wonderful coming year. You could also do this with wax from the 13 Full Moons in a year.


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