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Sweet Bags

Sweet bags are used to perfume items such as: gloves, linens, scarves,shawls

You will need:

~4 cups/1lb orris root powder
~Handful each of:
dried lavender
dried marjoram
dried lemon peel
dried orange peel
dried rose petals
~5 cotton pads
~30 drops essential oils (10 each of: cypress, clove & nutmeg)
~5 purchased circular place mats or dressing table mats 8" diameter
~ribbon 3" wide

Crush the dried herbs to a rough-textured powder, using a pestle and mortar. Add the orris root.

Put two drops each of the essential oils on to each cotton pad. Place these, together with the crushed herbs, into a tin or sealed jar to cure for one week.

Divide the herb mixture into five equal parts, including a cotton pad with each portion. Make the sweet bags. Fold each mat in half, then wrap into a cone shape. Sew the edges of the outer layer to secure. Fill the cone with herb mixture. Draw together the inner layers of the cone to enclose the mixture, and sew together. (Alternative bags are made from the ribbon -- folded into an envelope, stitched and stuffed with herb mixture.)

From the book: Heaven Scent by Julia Lawless (page 60)

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