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Scented Hot Pad

A scrap of fabric - approximately 6" by 12"
Batting - approximately 6" by 12" (Note: If you fabric is light weight and the dishes are apt to be very hot, use cotton batting. Polyester batting is more likely to melt.)
Potpourri - apple and cinnamon scent works great

Cut your scrap of fabric in half to make two six inch squares. With the right sides together, seam three sides (1/2" seam allowance). Turn so right side of fabrics are out.
Cut your batting in half to make two six inch squares. Seam three sides (3/4" seam allowance). Trim the seam to 1/4". Stuff a small amount of potpourri between the batting layers. Seam the remaining side and trim the seam allowance.
Stuff the batting into your fabric pocket. Turn the edges of the opening under 1/2'". Topstitch near the edge.
Tips for Your Scented Hot Pad
Vary the potpourri scent to your family's favorite.
Vary the size to fit under your larger casserole dishes.
Topstitch all the edges for a slightly different effect.

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