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Pentacle Spell Wreath

A wreath, preferably of grapevine, any size.
Ribbon, of appropriate width. On a 12" wreath, you'll want approx. 2 yards
Dried flowers (optional)
Hot glue gun and sticks

These wreaths are a sort of spell charm. The color of the ribbon determines its purpose:

blue for peace in the home
green for healing or wealth
black for protection
purple for divination or dreams
yellow for communication

Cut the ribbon into five pieces, each one two inches longer than the inner diameter of the wreath. Lay a strip across and tack each end with glue. Continue doing this with the other four pieces until you form the star on the back of the wreath. Now, with the circular wreath and the ribbon star, you have the pentacle formation. You can add flowers and herbs to make the wreath pretty and enhance the spell. Further, you may want to consider the waxing and waning moon as you create your wreath. You may also want to chant something like "weaving *protection, healing, or peace* with the Goddess" as you work. Take the wreath into your magic circle and chare it with its purpose. Then hang it where you will see it, or where its purpose is needed (a protection wreath would be nice on the back of a door.)

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