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Decorative Firestarters

Cupcake tin
Cupcake cups -DO NOT use the foil type
Wax, recycle old candles!
Pine cones
Wick - any size
Scent - Opt.
The usual candle making equipment

Step 1
Sort through your scrap box and collect wax in the desired color. Place in melting pot and heat until melted.

Step 2
Place paper cupcake cups into the cupcake pan.

Step 3
Let wax cool to 140 degrees F. Pour to within 3/8 inch of the top.

Step 4
Lay a piece of wick through each cup. Allow to cool.

Step 5
Once the wax is firm to the touch, gently press a pine cone into each cup.

Step 6
Top off each cup with hot wax to bond the pine cone in place.

Step 7
Trim the wicks to about 1/2 inch long.

If there are any candle or soap subjects you would like to see in future features, please let me know. Join me next time for the first of a series of features on projects using recycled wax.


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