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Faery Dream Pillow

Cut out two squares of soft fabric approximately 6 inches square....velvet, velveteen or satin are preferred, sew around three sides of the squares with white or silver thread.

Mix in an enamel bowl:

Rose Petals (two parts)
Lemon Balm (two parts)
Clover (one part)
Mint (one part)
Lavender (one part )
Milkweed pod silky tassels (2 parts)

Turn the pillow inside out so that the seams don't show, stuff the pillow with your herb mixture. Sew up the end so that the herbs stay in the pillow.
You can then decorate the pillow if you want with lace, silk, or embroider with designs, etc. Take this pillow to bed with you at night and put it under your pillow. This not only smells great but will help you to have dreams of the fey.

NOTE: After six months these pillows may lose their "fresh" scent. You can reuse them by emptying out the old contents and refilling them with new herbs.

~author unknown

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