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Evergreen Pentacle

5 small branches
a styrofoam hoop or an embroidery hoop (inner hoop only) or some other type of hoop
bag of fake snow (the sparkly kind)
flour paste
cheese cloth (1 package)

1. Glue the branches in the middle of the hoop to create a pentacle.
2. Soak the cheese cloth in the flour paste the wring out lightly... youwant enough left on it so it will hold.
3. Wrap the entire pentacle in the cloth... each piece individually... to give it texture and body.
4. Let dry.. depending on many factors this may take up to 2 days.
5. With a paint brush, lightly brush on some flour paste .... Do Not Soak It...
6. Now place the fake snow in a bowl or on a platter and coat the pentacle just like you would bread something.
7. Allow to dry completely and add a big pretty bow to the top to hang it.

SOURCE: by Ariana

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