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Cinnamon Box

Make this lovely cinnamon scented box from fresh cinnamon sticks and deer moss. This will make a wonderful gift or an attractive box to hide items that collect in your kitchen.

You will need:

2 -1/4 inch cinnamon sticks (40 or more depending on your size of sticks)
1 cinnamon stick cut in half
White glue
Deer moss
Silk flowers
Tiny silk leaves

Box - Glue 4 cinnamon sticks together for the bottom. Next, start by gluing against the 4 you put together so that they are standing straight up and down, do this all around the bottom. If you have gaps, that is good.
Lid - While the box is drying, start gluing your lid together. Nine across and one each on the opposite ends so they are going the other way. And glue 1 on the top that is cut in half for the handle.

After the box has dried, glue deer moss into any gaps. Glue some deer moss onto the lid as well, but be careful to keep it even so that the lid fits comfortably and evenly. Fill in any gaps on the lid with deer moss as you did on the box. If there aren't any gaps, or not enough, glue some moss on for appearance.

Flowers - Glue silk flowers and silk leaves onto the box and lid as desired. Tie one strand of raffia around the box, make a bow. Onto the bow, glue one flower in the middle and a tiny leaf. SOURCE: unknown

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