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Beaded Socks

My daughter's favorite socks, I make new color combinations for her for each season. I tried a jingly bell and mardi gras bead version for Yule but I need to try it with a friction-proof thread medium as the cotton thread is easily sliced by the bells.

What you will need

1 pair socks (want the kind that have a cuff that folds down once) Tri-beads (they sell them at both walmart and michaels--you can use any kind of bead/charm, but I know these can go in the washer and dryer on delicate)--you'll need between 60 and 80 beads.
size 10 cotton crochet thread
appropriate sized steel hook--I've been using a 2.75mm hook, but i don't think it much matters.
tapestry needle

Thread the beads onto the crochet thread before starting. You'll need between 30 and 40 beads per sock in my experience. Unfold cuff of sock. Hold sock w/ the back top edge facing you and join thread w/ a slip stitch. chain one and then single crochet evenly around the edge of the sock, joining w/ first stitch w/ another slip stitch. Chain 2, [pull up a bead, crochet bead on w/ a slip stich, double crochet in next stitch] Repeat from [ around the sock. Join w/ a slip stitch and finish off. Weave in ends.


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