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Herbs for Purification

Sweet Grass*
Blessed Thistle

just to name a few....

You can buy the ready made smudge sticks for purifying your space and belongings. However, the easiest, most inexpensive way is to grow your own herbs. Growing your own herbs for this task will provide you with an amply supply to allow you to purify as often as you desire. All you need are a few dried sprigs of the herb of your choice and a dish or some sort of heatproof catchall.

To purify your home/room open all the windows and herd out the other warm bodies in your dwelling. Now you can begin by brewing a strong tea using the above mentioned herbs and take a piece of the dried counterpart, dipping into the tea. You then will spatter it out in front of you. (Reminds me of the priests from my childhood with their holy water)as you work around the room counterclockwise. Next comes the smudging...using a smudge stick (or incense) poised over a dish to catch any falling bits, walk through the house (I also open all cabinets and closet doors) visualizing the clean air from the outside coming through your house whisking away all negativity and stagnant energies. I prefer to do this on windy days (we get lots here on the mountain) so the air moves through. Now everyone has their own ways of doing this and certain images they prefer. This can be done any time you feel it's necessary, at the Full Moon, quarters, after fights, etc. You may wish to chant as you go around the room.

*are excellent for blessings

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