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Herbs for the Home

Herbs to lay among Linens

COSTMARY- lay fresh leaves between layers of linen & bed sheets for a sweet balsam scent

FEVERFEW- place flowers & leaves in cabinets & drawers to repel insects.

HYSSOP- lay fresh sprigs between sheets & clothes for a very fresh scent & antiseptic effect.

LAVENDER-hang flowering spriges upside down in closets & lay sprigs in drawers to deter moths.

MUGWORT- tie sprigs & hang in closets to deter moths. Place among woolens for storage.

ROSEMARY- place flowering stalks among clothes & between pages of books to deter moths and silverfish.

SOUTHERWOOD- hang sprays in closets to deter moths.

SWEET WOODRUFF- lay fresh leaves in drawers & between clothes to impart a fresh hay-like scent.

TANSY- hang flowering sprigs in doorways to deter flies.

THYME- place fresh sprigs among winter clothes to freshen and in drawers to overcome musty odors.

source: Mother Nature's Herbal found via a Yahoo group