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Cleaning with Vinegar

WARNING: Do NOT mix Vinegar with Bleach(or Bleach and ammonia) chemical reaction causes a deadly gas.

Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help deoderize and soften clothing (it helps remove soap residue-no need to use fabric softener!) Also great for breaking up uric acids in diapers and kid's clothing and bedding.

To disinfect: use straight on surface-great for cutting boards.

Cleaning sinks and bathtubs: borax and/or equal part washing soda-use as a paste to scrub tubs, rinse with hot water and spray with vinegar to remove any residue and shine up the surfaces.

Deodorize drains: Pour one cup of vinegar down drain, let sit 30 min and flush with cold water.

Cleaning floors: This is but one of many recipes: Fill a bucket with hot water and a squirt of dish detergent, mop floor then rinse with one cup of vinegar added to one gallon of hot water. An extra step but my floors have never been cleaner! No residue and safe for babies to crawl on!

Straight vinegar is also great for getting rid of mold.

cleaning windows, glass, chrome

excellent for removing coffee stains run a cup through your coffeemaker to clean, freshen and remove stains.

Fabric softener, stain remover, deoderizer when added to your wash

Drain cleaner and freshener when used with baking soda

Deodorizing trash cans and diaper pails

Linoleum cleaner(when mixed with water)

excellent final rinse(with water) on no wax floors to remove any soap residue

Clean copper with a paste of vinegar and salt

Wash dishes by hand? Add a cup of vinegar to rinse water to help clean off soap residue

Excellent grease cutter

Removes and inhibits mold & mildew growth

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