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Remedies for Cold and Flu

NOTE: Please consult a naturopath before using an herbal remedy, especially if you have any plant allergies. Some herbs are not not safe while pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Echinacea in capsule or tea form is good to help boost your immune system. 3 capsules 3x a day(along with 500-1,000mg Vit.C) help combat any cold/flu that I get. One rule of thumb: Only take it for short periods of time. If you take it more than a couple of weeks your body builds a resistance to it and it loses it effectiveness.
  • Horehound tea, cough syrup and candy: (Dried leaves may be used for tea.) Strip leaves from plant, chop into measuring cup. Measure out twice as much water as leaves. Bring water alone to boil, then add horehound. Boil for five minutes, let cool, and strain into jars. Refrigerate infusion until needed. Horehound is the most foul bitter tasting stuff you'll ever have, but an effective expectorant.
  • Catnip tea is great for reducing fevers and helps promote sleep. This herb when combine with Elderflower tea, makes for a suitable choice for children. Sweeten with honey or licorice root.
  • Elderflower tea for fevers and coughs from flu/colds.
  • Ginger tea is especially good for warming a chilled body, helps to soothe coughs, reduce fevers and relieve vomiting.
  • Eucalyptus oil used in steam inhalation or blended to make an atomizer helps open sinus passages and to help kill germs in the air.
  • Garlic a must have when ill, its strong antibacterial properties help to combat any illness. Capsules or eaten raw. (Note: I ate several raw cloves a day for 3-4 days when sick with a 2nd bout of pneumonia-All symptoms were gone within the week and no other antibiotics were taken.) Blends well with garlic and lemon to make the perfect flu remedy. An infusion of these three makes an excellent gargle.
  • Cayenne another goody, think HOT. This gets the blood moving. Stimulates sweating so it reduces fevers. Good for respiratory infections.
  • Tea Tree oil is good for cleaning the air of sick rooms. Antifungal & astringent.