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Planting Guide

Crop Planting Time
Artichoke Full Moon
Asparagus Waxing Moon
Barley Waxing Moon
Beans When the Horns of the Moon are up
Beets Waning Moon, under the sign of Pisces
Broccoli Waxing Moon
Brussel Sprouts Waxing Moon
Cabbage Full Moon
Carrots Waxing Moon, under the sign of Pisces
Cauliflower Waxing Moon
Celery Waxing Moon
Chicory Full Moon
Citrons Full Moon
Corn Plant in Waxing Moon; cut in Waning Moon
Cress Waxing Moon
Cucumbers Full Moon, under the sign of Pisces
Eggplant Full Moon
Endive Waxing Moon
Kohl Rabi Waxing Moon
Leek Waxing Moon
Muskmelon Full Moon
Oats Waxing Moon
Onions When the Horns of the Moon are down
Parsley Waxing Moon
Peas The day after the New Moon
Peppers Between the Full Moon and the Third Quarter
Parsnips Waxing Moon, in Pisces
Potatoes Waning Moon
Pumpkin Between the Full Moon and Third Quarter
Radishes Waning Moon, in Pisces
Rutabaga Waning Moon
Spinach Waning Moon
Squash Full Moon
Tomatoes Full Moon
Turnips Third Quarter
Watermelon Second Quarter

Increasing Light: The period from the new moon to the full moon, which is the period in which the light is increasing, is best for planting annuals which provide their yield above the ground.

Decreasing Light: The period from the full moon to the new moon, when the light is decreasing, is best for planting biennials (those plants on a two-year cycle), perennials, and root and bulb crops. Plant potatoes during the dark of the moon" is an old adage.

First Quarter

During the first quarter, or the time from the new moon to about half- full, plant annuals with above-ground yields, particularly leafy plants which produce their seed outside the fruit. Some examples of first quarter plants are asparagus, cabbage, celery, endive, and spinach.

Second Quarter

During the second quarter, or the time from the half-full to the full moon, plant annuals that have above-ground yields which are vining and produce seed inside the fruit. Second quarter plants include beans, peas, peppers, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Some plants, such as garlic, melons, hay, and grains and cereals, do well if planted in either the first or second quarter.

Third Quarter

During the third quarter, from the full moon to half-full, plant biennials, perennials, bulb and root crops, any crops which are planted in one season to winter over and produce yields the following year, trees, and shrubs. Some third quarter plants include onions, potatoes, rhubarb, grapes, winter wheat, and berries.

Fourth Quarter

During the fourth quarter, from half-full to new moon,cultivate, pull weeds, destroy pests, and turn sod. This is not the time to plant anything.


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