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Charm to bring Lust into Your Bedroom

1 Apple
whole Cloves
4 Toothpicks

Using the pencil, draw a circle on one side of the apple. Draw a vertical line moving downward at the center of the base of the circle. Cross the vertical line with a short horizontal line (So it looks like a cross)This form an ankh or feminine symbol. Draw a diagonal line from the right edge of the circle, its origin being the point between the circle's upper center and right center edge. Mark the end of the line with an arrow. This form a masculine symbol. So this should resemble the feminine & masculine symbol together in the same circle.

Push the cloves into the apple along the pencil line, outlining the cross first. As you work, chat:

Primordial Maiden, with this clove Lustful urges and grow.

Outline the arrow with cloves, saying:

Robust God of hoof and horn By arrow of clove, new lust is born

Working deosil, outline the circle with cloves while chanting:

Circle out and circle in --- Male and female both within this herb both enters and stays out, Lustful urges flow 'round about Touching those within this space with power that they can't escape. Clove and apple, set lust free --- As I will, so mote it be!

Push the toothpicks into the bottom center of the apple to form a stand. Place the charm on the head-board of your bed or on a bedroom windowsill.


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