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Frosted Ornaments

The important thing to remember about etching is that the glass will remain clear wherever you put the stickers, tape, or paint. To etch names and words, use vinyl press-on stickers.

What You Need:

Clear glass round ornament
White vinegar
Paint pen (available in crafts, discount, and fabric stores)
Star stickers
1/4-inch-wide masking tape
Rubber gloves
Etching cream (available in art, crafts, and discount stores)
Key chain (or ornament hook) for each ornament
Sprigs of greenery

1. Clean glass with hot water and white vinegar. (Important: Avoid finger prints on areas to be etched.)
2. Add designs.
For snowflake: Use paint pen to draw snowflake designs and dots of snow.
For swirls: Use paint pen to draw swirls, dots, and lines. Outline stripes with masking tape.
For stars: Press down star stickers to make star motifs. Be sure all tape or stickers are rubbed down. Allow the paint to dry.
3. Etch the glass. Put on gloves and follow the instructions on the jar of etching cream. If you want to leave part of the ornament clear, don't put any etching cream in that area.
4. Wash off the etching cream and gently peel off the paint, stickers, and tape.
5. Attach hanger. Thread the key chain through the ornament hanger and snap closed, or attach an ornament hook. Tuck a small sprig of greenery into the ornament top.

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