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Flower Rolled Candles

1 candle of any size or shape
dried herb(s) of your choice
Wax paper

Place the flowers on the wax paper. Holding the candle give a good coat of clear drying glue. Carefully roll the candle through the herb you choose. Then place the candle in the holder. If there are any uncovered spots simply fill them in while the glue is still wet. This candle is very delicate and must be handled with care.

Candle making is fun and rewarding. As with any craft, practice does matter, the more candles you make, the better your results will be. But candle making is essentially easy. Children, under the supervision of an adult, can make some candles. Whatever the attraction, I hope you will enjoy decorating your own candles and hope to inspire you to try new things.

SOURCE: Unknown but found on an egroup

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