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Recycled Can Luminaries

Clean and de-labeled 15 oz can
Nail (size of nail will determine size of holes in can)
Tea light or votive

1. Fill the can with water almost to the top (leave about 1/4 inch.)

2. Place in the freezer for two or three days until water is frozen solid.

3. Remove can from freezer and place horizontally on a thick towel. Place towel on a hard surface.

4. Using nail and hammer, carefully make holes in can in any design you like. You can lightly draw one on ahead of time, or just go free form. The ice keeps the can from collapsing. You may need to place a heavy object on either side of the can to keep it from rolling.

5. Allow ice to melt. Dry out can, place a candle in it, and enjoy! CAUTION: The holes will have sharp edges on the inside of the can. Careful not to get cut!


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