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Autumn Gallery Glass Candle Stands

2-- 5 inch round candle stands, non-patterened glass; use the stands with small "feet" so that the stand will not be used flat on a surface.
Small round paintbrush
Gallery Glass gold leading
Gallery Glass colors orange, red, brown, clear, and yellow
Fall leaf stencils if desired
1 polystyrene blank

If using stencils, place on blank and outline with gold leading. If not using stencils, paint outlines of oak and maple leaves, and acorns with gold leading. Make sure leading is thickly enough appplied to hold colored paint when it is applied. Allow to dry.

Paint or squeeze colors in small amounts inside gold leading to resemble colorful fall leaves and acorns. Allow to dry completely.

Clean the glass candle stands and place upside down on your work surface. Usng a razor blade, gently lift the leaves and acorns from the blank and arrange them over the bottom of the glass candle stands, avoiding the feet.. Seal with a layer of clear Gallery Glass paint and allow to dry.

To use, right the stands and you will have a design of lovely gold, red, orange and yellow leaves and acorns. Placing the decorations on the glass bottom ensures that wax will not damage the Gallery Glass paint.


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