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Yuletide Treats for Birds and Beasties

Feeding wildlife is a common practice on the Solstice for many Pagans. However for urban and suburban dwellers it is wise to stick only with birds. The Fish and Game Departments in the US frown on the feeding of wildlife and in some states feeding anything other than songbirds is illegal. Please consult your local wildlife agency for more info.

If it is not illegal and if you decided to move beyond birds I strongly advise that you research the diet of the wildlife you wish to leave food out for. Also this is a onetime feeding, do not let the creatures (other than songbirds) come to rely on you for food.
DO NOT feed them anything that is not whole, organic and natural, by giving them treated, modified foods you are compromising their systems their health and their species future. Do not leave table scraps for them, cheap processed food or anything they would not find for themselves in the wild.

If you live rurally, however, a small bundle of untreated, organic hay, organic corn. For birds: pieces of organic fruit speared onto tree limbs or nuts scattered if left out far enough in the woods will help curb those hungry, nosy critters from finding their way to your backyard. Consult your local Fish & Game Department (or equivalent outside of the US) about the ins and outs of feeding local wildlife.

An online friend (thx Patti!) once described a Wildlife Offering Yule Altar she set up each year. she used a sturdy oak log in which a niche was carved out in the centre and the log was decorated with various relevant symbols and decor. Seed or fruit was then left in the carved niche.

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