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Midsummer Crafts and Activities for the wee ones

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Litha Celebration Activities for Small Children

Meagan's Summer Solstice-by Kathryn Dyer
Make a Daisy Chain Fairy Crown

Midsummer Wreath

This project is rated DIFFICULT to do.

Bundle of reeds, 1 inch thick and 2 feet long.
Roasting pan
Paper towels
Piece of ribbon 5 feet long
Dried flowers
Extra ribbon for bows
Reeds are available in craft stores and basket supply stores.

How To Make It

Soak the reeds in a roasting pan of warm water until they're flexible, about 15 minutes. Dry the excess water from the reeds, and then bend them into a circle, overlapping the ends. Have a partner help you tie the reeds together with twine. Tie tight double knots, and then cut off the extra twine. Let the reeds dry for about 15 minutes, and then tie the one end of the 5 foot ribbon around the wreath. Wrap the ribbon loosely around the wreath. Leave gaps so that the reeds show through. Cut the flower stems to three inches. Weave the flowers into the wreath or tie them on with ribbon. Add ribbon bows and you're finished!