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Activities & Crafts

  • Bake Bread!!

  • Crafts using grains is big for this sabbat

  • Canning fruits & veggies

  • Make Sand Candles

  • Make a Sun Pinata!

  • or other decorations featuring the Sun

  • Placemats, bookmarks, coasters with pressed flowers, plants

  • Have a barbeque!

  • Braid corn together to form a Sun wheel

  • Make a grain/corn dollie -to save for next Imbolc

  • For the adults: Try your hand at brewing beer!

  • Braid Onion or Garlic ropes

  • Do you cross-stitch? Here is a Lammas pattern:

Make A Corn Necklace

To make a Lammas corn necklace, obtain an ear of fresh sweet corn; the larger and tougher the kernels the better -but not dried completely. Break the ear in half after the husk has been removed and then begin popping off the kernels, beginning at the broken end of each half and going around and around. Try not to break the kernels in half, but do try to leave the white points on them. Then, with about two or three feet of heavy thread on a large needle, begin stringing the kernels by putting the needle through the very center of each one. When the strand is long enough to make a necklace (one ear is usually more than enough corn), tie the ends of the thread together and hang the necklace in a warm, dry place for a few weeks. The kernels will dry, shrivel, and shrink, and it may be necessary to tighten the knot. Beautiful variations of this necklace can be made using Indian corn that has not been field dried. You might grow your own or ask at a local farm stand if you can buy ears of Indian corn that are still tender.

Source: Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar August 1998.

Make a Corn Wheel

Lammas is the time of the first harvest, and grains, especially corn, are abundant. The eight ears of corn on this wreath represent the eight sabbats. The shucks look like the rays of the sun, a very fitting symbol of the season.

a round wire or other hoop on which to build the wreath
8 ears of corn of equal length -- dried or fresh
a short piece of ribbon or twine -for hanger
florists wire -optional
Fashion a round hoop wide enough to accommodate the length of two ears of corn.

Using ribbon or twine, form a loop to serve as a hanger. Tie or glue this securely to the hoop.

Position the eight ears of corn inside the circle, paying close attention to the illustration. Be sure to keep the hanger/ribbon positioned at the top of the wreath.

Tie or wrap the corn shucks around the hoop. (They can be held in place with florists wire, if need be.) Use stray ends of the shucks to cover the hoop completely. (If using dried corn, the shucks should have been soaked in water before starting.) Use florists wire to keep the shucks in place.

Cut a small, round piece of cardboard. Lay the wreath on the table and position the cardboard circle in the middle of the hoop. Using a glue gun or some other fast drying glue, adhere the tips of the ears to the cardboard circle on the BACK SIDE of the wreath, being careful that the cardboard is not obvious from the front. You may want to cut out the middle of the cardboard circle so it can not easily be seen from the front.

Allow the glue to dry and hang.

~author unknown

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