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Lughnasadh Activities
for Children

Meagan's Lammas by Kathryn Dyer
The Story of Lammas by Rachel Walker

Make an Acorn Wreath

Make a Corn Collage

Indian Corn Mosaics

You will need:
indian corn kernels

Draw or trace the image of your choice and then glue corn kernels as desired in the picture, let dry and then it's ready to hang. Ideas for pictures or shapes-Sun, corn, wheat stalks, etc
Corn can be scraped off and reused each year if desired.

Seed and Corn Necklaces

Seed Pictures

clear or white craft glue
coloring book page or freehand drawn picture of choice
assortment of seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon, corn kernels)

Glue seeds, as desired onto the picture of your choice in a mosaic design.

Source: momtodragons

Wheat Posies

fresh corn husks
baby's breath or statice.

Lay husks out flat. Lay Wheat on top of husks and then Baby's Breath or Statice. Wrap the bottom of the corn husk around the stems and tie it off with raffia. hang upside down for about a week to dry.

Source: momtodragons

3-D art: Corn

drawing or printed picture of an ear of corn
popped corn
corn kernels
craft glue

Glue kernels and popped corn onto picture.

Source: momtodragons

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