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Harvest Crafts

.........under construction..........

Make gourd rattles
Apple Candle Holders
Grapevine Wreaths
Bundle some Indian Corn to hang at your front door
Go on a hayride Pick apples!
Ferment grapes to make wine
Take a Nature walk to enjoy the falling leaves and gather dried seed pods and fallen leaves
Make a Harvest Candle
Autumn Gallery Glass Candle Stands

Indian Corn necklaces

String Indian corn to make harvest necklaces, bracelets or garlands.
This craft is suitable for older children as sewing needle sticks are a hazard

Indian corn
thread (upholstery thread is rather sturdy, we also used the stretch floss (TM name Stretch Magic) for bracelets

Scrape the kernels off of some ears of corn, the rich, jewel-toned kernels are very pretty.
Soak in warm water until soft enough to pierce with a needle (this took 3 days and was still a bit tough so make sure you have a thimble handy) Thread in desired pattern and let dry.

For Children's crafts an activities, the August/Mabon 2002 issue of The Crone's Cottage has some great ideas!

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