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Bealltainn Children
Crafts & Activities

Pressed Flowers Crafts

With dried pressed flowers you can make placemats, note cards, bookmarks and more!

various spring blooms and greenery, dry and pressed*
heavy card stock,poster board
contact paper
glitter, paint, other doodads for decorating

For the placemat: Cut posterboard to average placemat size (about 12"X 16"), glue flowers to poster board if you want (helps to keep them in place for later),let dry. decorate as desired. Cut 2 equal lengths of contact paper that are slightly larger than the posterboard (so it overlaps about an inch on each side). Carefully unpeel a section of contact paper and with the help of a friend or parent, carefully center over the top and press onto decorated posterboard. Press out all airbubbles. then apply the second sheet to the back. Press out all air bubbles and seal the edges. Trim if needed.

For bookmark, follow the directions for placemat only cut your card stock or poster board bookmark sized (about 2"x 5").

To Make Notecards, directions are found here

To press flowers, be sure they are rid of any excess water. lay between the pages of old phone books and cover with heavier books (or if you have big heavy books use two sheets of paper on each side of the flowers to prevent any damage to the book's pages. Make sure the book is covered with a few more books for added weight. Let sit untouched for two weeks, if flowers are not completely dry then let sit another week. For more crafts visit here


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